We are so excited to release Archer Master to the world that we want to share the whole experience with everybody. Hence, our commitment will be to report on Archer Master figures weekly. The report will include the following information: 
  • Marketing Plan for the week. Steps taken to promote Archer Master.
  • Statistics. Results obtained in terms of download, active users, revenues, etc. 
We think it’s a golden chance to find out the ins and outs of the mobile app market. Get on board! 

Marketing Plan for Week #1

Archer Master was published in the Android Market on July 6th. This week we didn't take any further action to give visibility to the game. However, there are a couple of events to highlight:
Surprisingly both actions were done by anonymous users. We didn't take part.


Now it’s time to know how it went. Let's take a look at the figures. 

1. Android Market Statistics. Evolution of the number of downloads (blue) vs the amount of active users (red). 

2. Ad Requests. The game is supported by ads (AdMob) so each time you enter the game or play a level, some ads are shown. The following chart shows how many ad requests Archer Master has made to Admob servers. It’s a good indicator to know how many people are playing the game.

3. Ad Clicks. This chart shows how many times ads were clicked. 

4. Revenue. How much money do we earn this week?


  • It’s almost impossible to control the distribution of a free Android game. After a week, there are a number of sites you can download Archer Master from; due to this situation it's really complicated to know how many people have downloaded our game. 
  • According to the official Android Market stats, we had a one-day novelty effect on July 7th. The launching day we’ve got a peak of 1,000 downloads. Shortly afterwards, downloads slowed down from 1,000/day to 80/day. In addition, Active Users graph shows that we have a user retention issue because the number of downloads and active users don't grow at the same pace. 
  • As the week went on, the game was published in more and more forums and websites. The APK was uploaded to filesonic, uploaded, hotfile, rapidshare, etc and linked from those websites. Let’s call it “the unofficial distribution system”. In terms of marketing it's something good (visibility at no cost), but the drawback is that we can’t get statistics about downloads/active users from these alternative sites.
  • Taking the number of ad requests as reference, we infer that we've got much more active users than the Android Market says. Since July 11th there’re almost 1,000 ad requests per hour. Given the fact that playing one single level only generates two requests, we can conclude that users are playing around 500 levels per hour!!. So, we think the game is doing quite well. According to ad requests we estimate 2,000 active users and more than 3,000 downloads.
  • Apparently Archer Master has become popular among chinese users. To support this idea, we can keep a close eye on the “Ad Requests” chart and see how Ads requests shooted up once the game was available on chinese websites. Moreover, the game has been published in a number of Chinese forums and markets (example1,  example2example3).
  • The integration of advertising into Archer Master has turned out a little naive. We didn't want to impact the game playability so we haven’t included ads during the game screen. As a result, almost no one is clicking the ads and therefore this week we've earned $2.63. 

More data? Next week ;)



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