Marketing Plan for Week #10

Just working on the new version. 


1. Downloads. This split bar chart shows downloads per week.
2. Ad Requests. The game is supported by ads (AdMob) so each time you enter the game or play a level, some ads are shown. The following chart shows how many ad requests Archer Master has made to Admob servers. It’s a good indicator to know how many people are playing the game.
3. Ad Clicks. This graph shows how many times ads were clicked. 
4. Revenue.


  • We have had five consecutive days with no downloads from the Android Market. We're not sure if it's some sort of problem with Google servers or downloads have gone downhill. It's not crazy to think that more weeks without updates, together with the absence of marketing might lead us to a scenario without downloads. Fortunately, the rest of metrics remain constant, at least for the time being.  Let's see what happen in the next few days. 
That's all for now. 



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